50 Surprising Facts About Technology Usage In College | Edudemic

It’s easy to talk about the many ways that technology can benefit students and teachers. But what about how technology is actually being used in the classroom and on college campuses today? Are smartphones more important to college students than thumb drives? The answer might surprise you. Some other takeaways from the great infographic from onlinecolleges.net include:

43% of college students think their school needs more technology.

Just 5% of students actually prefer learning in large online-only classes

Wikis, forums, and e-books are not a big priority for college students

The iPad is NOT the most preferred tablet on campus.

Most students think wi-fi helps them get better grades and wouldn’t attend a school without it.

Those are just a few of the highlights. There are more than 50 fascinating tidbits about the usage of technology on college campuses in the below infographic. Enjoy!

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