Madrid July 2012 | Game and Technologies Universities World Congress

GTUWC, World Congress of Universities around the technology, innovation and creativity interactive digital


Video games and the interactive edutainment, are fundamental pillars for the development of global society, contributing to strengthening economic and social cohesion of the territory, and allow new forms of productive activity and the creation of jobs.

From the moment that the use of new technologies (especially the new technologies of digital interactive entertainment) is of paramount importance, both in the economic and social, as in cultural and leisure activities, it is necessary to articulate the mechanisms for citizens to have access to digital entertainment industry that promotes the growth and enhancement of their capacities and opportunities for recreation and education. In this regard, the Platform GTUWC is to articulate these mechanisms.

In GTUWC, you can participate:

Keynotes of major world figures with imported technology, innovation and digital interactive entertainment.

Lectures, panel discussions and workshops on 5 continents universities and technology companies in the sectors concerned.

Technological World, a presentation space of the universities, their R & D + I, premieres and launches worldwide related to video games, Internet, IT, social networking and mobile.

Knowing personally the training offered by the most prestigious universities and multinational digital interactive entertainment industry.

In the exhibition area, enjoy the interactive digital art companies and young creatives.

Game & Technologies Universities World Congress 2012, the biggest event in the world of digital interactive entertainment universities. Mark it on your calendar now, not to be missed.

We wait! Madrid July 2012

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