Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities

The HANDSON MOOC is based in the use of Learning Design Studio, an innovative methodology that encourages educators to support participants in developing the design or redesign of learning activities with digital technologies.

With the help of a group of facilitators and that of your peers, you will be able to design your learning proposal and solve specific challenges through a creative learning design methodology.

Some of the features of the course, related with Learning Design are:

  • An emphasis on peer-mentoring bringing educators with wide and diverse backgrounds from around the world together;
  • A methodology (the Learning Design Studio) that encourages the team to redesign the learning process as a result of specific challenges in order to create a final product that is adapted to your learning context and students.
  • The advantage of facilitators with expertise in Online Learning, Creativity and Learning Design methodology who will work with the participants to explore the potential of this learning method;
  • The opportunity to observe, practice and learn about methods for mentoring other professionals as well as students;
  • The creation of practical artefacts that can be reused by other educators when they are incorporated in the  final product.

The learning materials and activities instructions are in English. However 7 different groups have been created inside the course in 7 different languages. Join the group language preferred by you to develop the course.