EMMA – EUmoocs News: EMMA MOOCs first pilot well underway

EMMA MOOCs first pilot well underway

The first pilot phase of EMMA MOOCs was launched on 20 October and more than 1000 students have enrolled in the courses since then, most of these first MOOCs are now entering their final weeks. The MOOCs are progressing well, and initial feedback from participants has been positive, a thorough evaluation of the pilot will be one of the main topics at the upcoming project meeting which will be held in Madrid just before Christmas. In February you can expect several new MOOCs to launch, you can find the latest info on our MOOCs on the EMMA platform at: http://platform.europeanmoocs.eu/courses. In this newsletter, we will take you behind the scenes of two EMMA MOOCS provided by the University of Leicester, further on you will find links to two recently published reports, the first by The Open University, « Innovating Pedagogy 2014 » and the second by the European Commission on « Modernisation of Higher Education », which includes a mention of EMMA, both reports provide interesting ideas as to how we should move forward in education. We wish you an informative read!

viaEMMA – EUmoocs News: EMMA MOOCs first pilot well underway.